Genga- Sketches of important scenes created by senior animators. Additional animators then use the genga as a model source to create the pencil sketch (Douga). Douga are the drawings that animation cels are created from. Primarily douga are what accompany cels when they are purchased. Genga are valued more than douga.

Welcome to Blackstar Genga. It is dedicated to the sketches that are the basis of how animation cels are created. I hope that you will enjoy your visit to my gallery and please check out my wishlist. I am always open to doing business.

In February '06, I was lucky enough to start a job with a freelance toy painting company, Front Line Studios. They do a number of toy lines for JAKKS Pacific, a toy company based out of Southern California. I took over painting their DragonBall Z figures and have added a section showcasing the paint master copies of each figure I have done.

Please do not use any of my images with out permission.

News & Updates

4/9/2018Added a new sketch to the DragonBall Z section.
2/22/2018Added two sketches to the DragonBall Z section.
9/17/2014Added two new sketches, one to the DragonBall section and one to the Movies/Specials section.
5/31/2013Added one new sketch to the DragonBall Z section.

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DragonBall (6) 9/17/2014
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DragonBall Z (77) 4/9/2018
JAKKS Pacific (18) 1/4/2010
Movies/Specials (21) 9/17/2014
OP/Commercial (2) 3/14/2003
Video Games/Hanken (8) 12/28/2010

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